Our Engagement Story


How it all started

When I started thinking what my first post could be about, I knew I wanted to involve the most important person in my life (my fiancé) in it. He has always supported me in each and every decision including starting this blog. And so I decided to share our engagement story and hopefully inspire and give a small hint for those, who are also about to make this memorable decision.

Robert and I have met eight years ago and I must admit, I have been already teasing him for a while. I would always be gazing at him, giving him signals when somebody talked about wedding or engagement and enjoying him being all uncomfortable. He would always brush it off the table and joke about it. Also, we started shaping different plans for our future (and still are) and so I slowly started to think that we would never make this happen or at least not in the upcoming years. The more surprised I was when this all happened.

It was January and we were going on vacation to Aruba. By the way, if you are planning exotic holidays, I would highly recommend Aruba. It truly is a paradise even though it sounds very cliche. I will make sure to write another post about Aruba.

How he asked

One evening, we were headed out for dinner, as usual. I suggested to walk along the beach on the way to the restaurant and capture the beautiful sunset. It was already perfect moment for the picture, as the sun was coming down fast and almost nobody on the beach to take a picture of us. Luckily, few people were sitting on the benches so Robert went ahead and asked a guy to take a picture of us. Turned out, they were in some kind of religion or detox, which did not allow them to touch any mobile devices! What a joke, one would think at the moment. Eventually, he saw another group ahead of us so he walked towards them and asked to make a picture.

Meanwhile, I was already preparing to strike a pose when he suddenly went down on his knee and popped the question!

I was so shocked I didn’t know about myself for a good moment. Like the feeling when you pass out and when you wake up, you don’t know where you are and what happened. So it took me a while before and I realized I had not answered his question yet 😀
Of course, when the men behind the camera realized what was happening, he started gathering all his friends, everybody started shouting and whistling and we gathered for a group selfie.

We will always remember this magical day!  If you are already looking at the pictures below, you surely understand why 🙂



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