How to Choose Your Wedding Planner

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Why a wedding planner

I had always dreamed of a perfect wedding, organized to the details, long before I even started thinking about getting married. I would always tell my mom that one day if I ever get married, I want to enjoy the day and all the preparations to the fullest and not worry if everything runs smoothly and our guests are having fun. Let’s be honest, it is a once in a lifetime event (at least it should be;-) ) and one of the happiest days of our lives. Also, my fiance and I live in the Netherlands, while both our families live in the Czech Republic. For that reason, we decided to get married there to make it more convenient for them. And since we didn’t want to deal with remote wedding organizing and contacting all the vendors on our own, we decided to enjoy the journey and wedding countdown and leave the heavy organization to professionals.


How to choose your planner

It goes without saying that it’s very important to do your research when it comes to choosing your planner or wedding agency. Check the reviews of the planner and how many reviews does she/he have. Based on that you can have a clear idea of how many weddings they tackled. If their website says they have 10 years experience and only 8 reviews, there is clearly something wrong (every planner organizes at least 5 weddings per season).


What is important

  • Write down your priorities so that you know what to search. This may include experience with international weddings, remote communication (Skype), wedding website et cetera.
  • Every wedding planner/ agency has a different style- make sure their style match your taste.
  • Set up a budget you would like to spend on those services.
  • Make sure you know how extended services you need- e.g. full service and multiple planners versus an exact amount of meetings & 1 planner et cetera.
  • Furthermore, bear in mind that every planner has different packages.
  • Compare the costs of different planners/agencies.


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My fiancé and I live in the Netherlands, but we originally come from Czechia and that’s where both our families live. For that reason, we have decided to organize our wedding here. Therefore, we knew that we would need a planner/agency specialized on international weddings since a lot of our friends would come from abroad.


And what did we choose?

After comparing and contacting multiple wedding agencies, we have decided to commit to wedding agency Báječná svatba (translated as a Wonderful wedding), which is a Prague based agency established in 2006. They proved themselves to have years of experience with international couples and guests, utterly professional and working hard attitude, focus on detail and an endless list of ideas. I simply couldn’t be happier about working with them and I am confident to say, even though we still have quite some time to go (our wedding is in summer 2018) that we will enjoy every single moment of our special day without stressing out and that’s all thanks to the amazing team of Báječná svatba.




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